Published on 16 Mar 2023

5 reasons why Champagne Beach is one of the best beaches in the world

Published on 16 Mar 2023
5 reasons why Champagne Beach is one of the best beaches in the world

Champagne Beach, located on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, is often considered one of the best beaches in the world. Here are five reasons why:

Unique Champagne-like Bubbles

One of the most unique features of Champagne Beach is the “champagne-like” bubbles that can be seen in the water. These bubbles are caused by volcanic activity and create a natural spa-like experience as you wade through the water.

Pristine White Sand

The beach boasts pristine white sand that is soft and fine, making it perfect for sunbathing or just lounging on the beach. The sand is made up of tiny particles of coral and shells, which gives it a unique texture.


Crystal Clear Waters

The crystal-clear waters of Champagne Beach offer excellent snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, allowing you to explore the diverse marine life that inhabits the area. The visibility is also excellent, making it a popular spot for underwater photography.

Champagne Beach

Serene and Peaceful Atmosphere

Unlike many other popular beaches around the world, Champagne Beach is relatively secluded and less crowded. This creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere that allows you to relax and unwind in nature.

Champagne Beach

Cultural Significance

The beach also has cultural significance, as it’s located in a traditional village of the local people of Vanuatu. Visitors can experience the local culture, food, and customs of the village and get a glimpse into the traditional way of life.

Ready To Experience Champagne Beach For Yourself?

As you can see, Champagne Beach offers a unique and unforgettable beach experience that is hard to find elsewhere. With its natural beauty, serene atmosphere, and cultural significance, it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best beaches in the world.

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