Raw Luxury in the heart of Vanuatu

Aore Island Resort is a stunning Pacific Island retreat with an authentic and welcoming culture nestled in a unique natural paradise literally steps away from the crystal clean South Pacific ocean. Experience the raw luxury of our private bungalows where every detail has been carefully crafted to provide you with the utmost comfort and tranquillity. As you step outside your door, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a world of possibilities. Whether you choose to dine, relax, or embark on thrilling adventures, everything awaits you just a stone’s throw away.

Just a 2.5 hour flight from Australia to Espiritu Santo (did you know Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands?) and a 10 minute boat trip from the mainland, Aore Island delivers your Pacific island dream – the ideal base for exploring and experiencing the delights of Espiritu Santo. Dive on world class wrecks and snorkel through secret coral gardens teeming with tropical fish, swing from giant Banyan trees into crystal clear fresh water springs and discover a culture and customs unchanged for centuries.

To help you envision the beauty that awaits you, we invite you to explore our interactive map below. Get a glimpse of the stunning surroundings and the breathtaking views that will captivate your senses. Additionally, take a moment to watch our video, allowing you to immerse yourself in the true essence of Aore Island Resort. Prepare to be enchanted by our brand of raw luxury, where every moment is a celebration of nature’s wonders.


Take a fishing trip in the waters around Aore Island. Our blue water fishing is first class.

Scuba Diving

Incredible wreck and reef diving.

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Vibrant colours - crystal clear memories.

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Aore Jetty

Your point of arrival at Aore Island and a great place to feed the fish. Ferries to and from Luganville run five times daily.

One Bedroom Bungalows

Families and groups.

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The Nakamal

The heart of Aore Island Resort and the home of the restaurant and bar.

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Pool Area

Swimming Pool, Beach BBQ, Relaxing.

Studio Bungalows

Couples and Singles.

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Exploring Aore

Discover the hidden gems of Aore Island.