World Class Dive Destination

Aore Island Resort can provide guests with a diving experience unavailable elsewhere in Espiritu Santo. We work with selected local operators to offer divers everything from a fun shore dive to multiple boat dives on world class wrecks and untouched outer reefs.

For wreck diving enthusiasts trips to the famous SS President Coolidge, where divers usually start with introductory dives on the bow (25 meters) and promenade deck (33 meters). Completion of these non-penetration dives generally leads to the most popular dives on the wreck including the cargo holds, the Lady, the engine room, medical supplies and swimming pool. Experienced divers can visit the stern at 60 meters where you can see the ship’s letters, prop and rudder. Our selected dive operators have been leading divers through the wreck for over 20 years and understand the importance of proper safety procedures.

For fish and reef enthusiasts, there are spectacular dive sites offering exciting drift dives with vast areas of plate and brain corals, swim throughs, bommies and caves. The reefs are home to hundreds of species of colourful fish, turtles and reef sharks.

For guests wanting to learn to dive or experience the underwater world with SCUBA for the first time, Espiritu Santo is the perfect location to make your first bubbles. With warm water, great visibility, and easily accessible reefs, in no time you will feel comfortable in our natural aquarium.

Diving can be prebooked directly with the below operators:

Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge Pacific Dive Turtle Bay Lodge Diving